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Elk Run Playoffs

October 5 - October 6

Events in 2019 can be played to earn points for each event you participate in and additional points can be earned for playing well. The season will end with the top 30 point earners for the year making the Elk Run Playoffs on October 5th and 6th. The points will be reset and those 30 will compete to crown our season long champion in a 36-Hole Stroke Play event.



Elk Run Cup Match Play Championship**                                    April 14th Registration Deadline

Elk Run Classic (Member-Guest)                                                  June 7th-9th

Club Championship                                                                      July 13th & 14th

Member-Member                                                                         August 16th-18th

The most prestigious events carry the most weight:

Points are awarded for each flight.

1st 400pts; 2nd 350pts; 3rd 300pts; 4th 250pts; 5th 200pts; 6th 150pts; 7th 100pts; 8th & Up 50pts

**50 pts awarded for participating in Match Play plus 50 pts for each match won.


PGA Championship Pick Your Partner                                          May 16th-19th

US Open Pick Your Partner                                                           June 13th-16th

British Open Classic Pick Your Partner                                          July 18th-21st

Points for individual play will be based off Gross and Net Scores for the entire field:

1st 300pts; 2nd 275pts; 3rd 250pts; 4th 225pts; 5th 200pts; 6th 175pts; 7th 150pts; 8th 125pts; 9th 100pts; 10th 75pts; 11th & Up 50pts


Masters Par 3 Shootout                                                                April 13th

Two-Man Triple Play                                                                    April 27th

Old Pal Match Play*                                                                     May 19th Registration Deadline

Member-Two Guest                                                                    July 27th

Elk Run Cup Matches** (Ryder Cup Style)                                  September 14th-15th

Points for team play will be awarded for each flight:

1st 200pts; 2nd 170pts; 3rd 140pts; 4th 110pts; 5th 80pts; 6th & Up 50pts

*50 pts awarded for participating in Match Play, plus 50 pts for each match won.

**50 pts awarded for each match won, plus 25 pts bonus to winning team in Elk Run Cup Matches


October 5
October 6


October 5
October 6